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Salome Erni
(she/her), based in Switzerland and The Hague

As a storyteller – lens-based and with words – I am trying to make sense of the complexities of this world. My works and articles derive from curiosity and the desire to listen. They evolve around topics such as belonging, historical narratives, shared resources and creating a liveable future.   
I early found my way into my current journalistic and documentary practice. I studied Camera Arts in Lucerne and switched to the Photography department at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, where I will finish my Bachelor’s degree in 2025. Since my first steps as a trainee in 2020 I have been working as a freelance journalist and writer for various Swiss outlets, especially Luzerner Zeitung (CHMedia).

I am convinced that it needs mutual understanding to overcome the current challenges of our society. Therefore, I investigate the relations between individuals and their socio-political surroundings through extensive research and often collaborative, multi-perspective approaches. Interpersonal exchange is a crucial part of my practice which often finds its form in books and exhibitions. With my self-initiated projects and texts I want to overcome increasing polarisation through sharing narratives.

Noorderlicht, Groningen (NL) – Cohabitatio (2023), Fotowerkschau Luzern (CH) – Stars for Europe (2023), Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL) – dear tomorrow, (2023), Recyclart, Brussels (BEL)  – Cohabitatio (2023), Hochschule Luzern (CH) – Stars for Europe (2022), Hochschule Luzern (CH) – System Milch (2022), Senti Treff, Luzern (CH) – Untergrund (2021), Kali Galerie, Luzern (CH) – Untergrund, Quartier Nr. 20 (2021)

published in:
Luzerner Zeitung/ CHMedia, phroom magazine, Young Photographer Monday by ronorp, CIRCLE (associated with KABK, The Hague), EUSTORY